Generate simple pre-built emails with Power Virtual Agent 🤖

Power Virtual Agent is having a spectacular moment right now with so many different applications from a Beer Bot to a Support Bot. I have recently been building a bot that helps my team locate the correct resource based on a series of questions. However, sometimes my team might need to email in specific information in a set format. I wanted to automate the process and make things as smooth as possible for them. In this blog I’ll share how to quickly and easily build an email template for end users to quickly send emails to the support team with all the info the support team need.

In my example, if an end user requests a support resource, they have to email in the request to a specific email address in a specific format. It should look something like this:

So the idea is that if my end user hits a path in my Power Virtual Agent bot where an email is going to be required, I want the bot to pop open the end user’s mail client with a pre-built email like the one above. Having worked with Email Marketing for a significant amount of time, I decided to play around with building Mailto links. If you’re not familiar with Mailto links, they will open a draft email from the user’s default mail client when the user clicks on it. Mailto links can also be built to pre-fill a to, subject and body of an email. Here’s how we can add one to Power Virtual Agent:

So Power Virtual Agent will allow you to add links anywhere you display a message or question back to the end user. Instead of posting a standard URL in the link, we’re going to build out a Mailto link:

The Mailto link should be formatted as follows:

So let’s break this down:

  1. – this tells the link to open up a draft email window and set the To field to
  2. &subject=Support%20Requested – This sets the subject line to Support Requested. Note that the space between Support and Requested is encoded. %20 tells the link to generate a space.
  3. &body=Client%20Name:%0dLink%20To%20Record%20In%20CRM:%0dWhen%20Needed: – This is where we fill in what should be shown in the body of the email. Note that seperate lines are encoded with%0d

Fun Tip! I find it easiest to build links like this out in something like notepad, splitting each part of the link into separate lines:

So here’s what it will look like when you pop it into a message in Power Virtual Agent:

So now you have added your Mailto link to your message, here’s what it looks like to our end users:

So now when our end users click on the link, they will have a pre-built draft email ready to go and the support team get all the info they need to help out! Super simple little trick to help end users!

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