#PowerUpPhilly – A Recap

What a day!

What an incredible event to kick off 2020! If you weren’t able to attend the event, don’t worry! Many of the speakers have uploaded their slide decks and/or have content available to view online! Let’s take a look at some of these sessions!

Breaking Down the Controls – Emma D’Arcy

My session covered breaking down the Custom Controls as part of the Unified Interface update. You can view my prep video here:

You can also access my slide deck for the session here:

Introduction to Power Apps Portals – Nick Doelman.

One of my favourite sessions of the weekend came from Nick Doelman (I spelled it correctly this time 😉) on Portals. It was a fully comprehensive session on how to build a complete, working portal in less than 30 mins. Highly educational and very easy to follow along, you can check out his content here!

Transitioning to Unified Client Interface – Kylie Kiser and Mallory Lawhorne

A very on point session, seeing as Classic Interface will be obsolete come October of this year! If this is something you are working on, then check out Kylie and Mallory‘s session info.

AI Builder, Help your Chatbot Adapt to Sentiment – Éric Sauvé

A super session from the brilliant Éric Sauvé! One of our newest MVPs shares how to implement AI to help your chatbot understand sentiment. You can follow along with how he achieved this here!

Those are a small selection of the sessions we got to see at an amazing event – I will continue to update this post as speakers make their content available.

The best bunch of folks!

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