How Google Chrome Profiles Saved My Sanity (And Time!)

Me. Before I was told about Profiles.

Over the last few weeks, I have been actively involved in various projects that required access to multiple environments. For some of you reading this, that will sound like your day to day life and what I’m about to blog about may be standard stuff, however my role often sees me access only one environment during the course of my day. Earlier this month, I co-hosted App in a Day with the wonderful Joel Lindstrom, he showed me the light and introduced me to Google Chrome Profiles!

Google Chrome Profiles make it easy to switch between environments without needing to log in and out multiple times. Chrome Profiles will open up an instance of the browser specific to your profile. For example, as above, I have three additional profiles alongside my main account. When I open up my TattooedCRMGirl profile, it will log me straight into my TattooedCRMGirl Dynamics environment.

So if you’re not familiar with Google Profiles, let’s talk about how to set this up! In the upper right corner of Google Chrome, you’ll see your account icon

Yes, I like to have all the tabs open!

From here, you will see a section called “Other People” You should also see an “Add” option:

Once you click on “Add” you’ll be asked to name the profile and add a super cute little image!

Now you’ve created your own profile, Chrome will take you through a few specific steps to get you up and running. Now, once you’ve logged into whatever accounts you need for that profile, the passwords will be saved to that profile (if you choose to save them) making it 10 times easier to switch back and forward between environments!

Chrome will display a little icon on the task bar, making it easy to distinguish between profiles:

Short and sweet post for today – hopefully it helps others out there too!

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