How I use ClickDimensions to Manage my Live Chat Events!

As a Pre-Sales Consultant for ClickDimensions, I believe it’s important for me to have hands on, real world experience with the product I advocate for. To do this, I decided to use the ClickDimensions platform to register and send out emails on my latest Live Chat event. The scenario looks like this:

  • Use ClickDimensions Social Posting to encourage people to register for my event
  • Use a ClickDimensions form to register participants
  • Use Microsoft Flow to create those participants
  • Use ClickDimensions Campaign Automation to send email with a link to the event
  • Use ClickDimensions Email Templates to build the email and include an iCal file
  • Use ClickDimensions Campaign Automation post event to send a recording of the file to registrants.

So now that we have broken it down, let’s take a look at the steps I took to achieve this process.

First things first, we need to create the Event record for the Live Chat. I am manually creating this record:

Once that is done, I needed to build the form that people will use to register for the event:

Super simple little form with a very important checkbox for our European friends! The idea is to keep this as basic as possible to generate as many registrants as possible. The CSS I have applied to this form is super basic and can be found in another blog post here. The form mapped fields to the Contact record, so if it picks up an email address that does not belong to a Contact in Dynamics, it will create a new record for me.

When a posted form comes in, we need to create Event Participation records for the Event. You can do this via Workflow, but I have opted to use Microsoft Flow in this case. The flow is triggered each time a posted form comes into Dynamics. We also have a condition here to ensure that only posted forms for this event trigger the flow:

If the condition is met, we will pull data from the Contact and build the Event Participation record as follows:

The Get Record function is necessary as we will be pulling data from the Contact record onto the Event Participation record. Once we have that, we can create the Event Participation record:

To ensure that the Campaign Automation works later on, I need to ensure each record is created with a status of “Registered”

Finally, I tied the Event record to the Event Participation by taking the GUID of the Event Record and putting it into the flow:

In future, I would automate this by pulling the name of the event from a hidden field on the ClickDimensions form – learning as we go!

Once the Flow is built, I now need to create the Email Template that will send both a link and an iCal file to the registrant. This was done by using the Drag and Drop editor:

The button has a link to the iCal file for download behind it:

Our next step is to set up the simple Campaign Automation that will handle the sending of our Email above and the follow up email with the recording:

A simple automation!

The Campaign Automation will hold everyone in place for two days after the event using a date timer. Once two days have passed after the event, the automation will send a follow up email which will be updated with a link to the recording of the event.

Finally, in order to drive attendance, I used ClickDimensions Social Posting functionality to promote the event:

And there you have it, a real world example on how to fully manage Webinars and Online Events using ClickDimensions!

4 thoughts on “How I use ClickDimensions to Manage my Live Chat Events!

  1. Hi Emma. Do you know if it’s possible to combine this with the use of waiting lists using Flows?
    So if you have max 100 available spots and sign up after 100 is added to a waiting list.
    Is event management like that possible with Clickdimensions and Flows?


    1. Oh that is a great question. I would say conditional logic would be the best bet here for sure and couldn’t see why not!


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