How to add Emojis to your Microsoft To-Do lists!

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I was yesterday years old when I learned that I could add emojis to my Microsoft To-Do lists! I’m not sure about everyone else, but something about those colourful little icons beside my lists just fill me with satisfaction and joy. In this short but oh so sweet and colourful blog, I’ll share what I’ve learned on how to add emojis to your lists! 😍✔💡❤

So many blogs to write, so little time!

Here’s a look at what my lists now look like when I open my To-Do application. I am going to add a list of items to buy for my two very spoiled cats. Let’s create and name that list:

Pretty short and sweet. You’ll notice on the left of the title, there is a little emoji picker where you can select from a list of pre-defined emojis! This is the easiest way of adding an emoji to a list:

However as I scroll through, there are no cat emojis! Imagine a world without the cat heart eyed emoji 😻? That is not a world I want to be in! Luckily for us, we are not bound by this rather small emoji list. Instead we can use the emoji keyboard! If you have an emoji preset here and wish to change it, clear out the existing emoji by pressing the Clear button at the bottom of the emoji picker before beginning.

Next place your cursor before the first character of your list title and open the emoji keyboard. You can do this by pressing the windows shortcut button and the full stop character:  + “.”

On Mac I believe it’s Control+Command+SpaceBar.

This will open the emoji keyboard where it will search for an emoji based on what you type:

Ninja kitty really speaks to me.

Now that I have a list of relevant emojis, I can pick one that best suits my list. Heart eyed cats always win with me, so I’ll go with that and close the emoji keyboard:

Perfect! Now once we save the title by hitting the enter key, the emoji will now become the icon for the list!

This is going to be a long list!

So now I’ve added a little bit of colour and fun to my To-Do lists! Add a little fun to your tasks this Friday!

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